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Rest and Recovery

Some of you may have heard about the adventure that Richy and Connie went through to find a stray dog in the Goodna cemetery. They unfortunately didn't catch him, but another kind soul managed to get him. He is now in the care of the RSPCA. The little thing was significantly emaciated.
We sent him a Rehab, Rest and Recovery box to help his healing journey (crazycritterztoybox.)
Check out his update here on instagram.

Therapy Assistant in Training

Meet Bonnie, our new therapy assistant in training. Bonnie is currently 7 months old and full of crazy energetic puppy love so she will be in training for a little while yet.

Free Tickets from Brisbane Broncos for Greg

A great afternoon evening had by Greg at the match, after our support coordinator contacted his favourite team, the Brisbane Broncos. Who generously provided Greg with free tickets, he had a couple of beers during the game and excited when they scored.