Specialist Behaviour Support

Exceptional Bonds is now providing Specialist Behaviour Support for participants, so get in contact with us today to discuss your participants needs.

What is Positive Behaviour Support:

  • All Behaviour is a way of communicating needs
  • Understanding the behaviour – ABCs
  • What happens before, such as triggers like noisy environments or being tired
  • What is the Behaviour of Concern – Describing the Intensity, Duration, Frequency e.g. hit other person with palm of hand, low intensity did not leave a red mark or cause injury, occurred 5 times today
  • Outcome – what happens after behaviour e.g. person gets sensory input, person gets attention, person gets away from undesirable object or activity
  • Positive Behaviour Support Plans have Proactive skill building strategies as well as Reactive strategies to support a person to reduce behaviours of concern